Monday, February 27, 2012

Tragedy Strikes Chardon, Ohio

My heart and prayers go out to the victims of the Chardon High School shooting, which occcurred this morning in Chardon, Ohio, especially, the Family of the child who has passed on to be with our Lord.

I can't help, but to wonder what the shooter was thinking or more properly stated..."NOT THINKING" at the time! He evidentally, had problems stemming from a mental illness and I can only wish, he had read this Blog at some point and possibly, this would never had happened.

I do not make that statement, egotistically. My sole purpose of this blog, as stated in the 'Blog Description'... is to help someone dealing with an experience in life, which seems too much to bare alone. I have Depression and Anxiety Disorder and realize the struggles, which one endures, daily. But, to actually, shoot someone is far beyond my comprehension.

Who's to blame? Is it the Parents? Is it the 'Bullying' that occurs on a daily basis, worldwide?  Is it Peer Pressure? Only GOD really knows for sure, because obviously, the shooter had no idea what reality, actually is, nor the consequences of his actions. Maybe he plays too many video games and actually thought the kids would not be hurt! That's a crazy notion, but I truly believe these kids are hood-winked and don't think there is anything wrong with shooting somebody. They confuse reality with fantasy.

Now, do not take me the wrong way...not every child is dimented to that point and most are not, but damn it...something needs to be done about calamities of this type to prevent it from ever happening again, anywhere! It's almost as if, we close our eyes in denial, thinking it will never happen here, it only happens in messed up areas of the world. Well, it's real folks and has happened before in "Normal" areas of the U.S. and abroad. Don't we ever learn from our mistakes? Don't people see the signs of a person in need of help? Or don't they care about anyone else, but themselves, until something horrible like this shooting occurs? I don't get it!

Folks, If you see or hear of someone, who has a serious something about it! Tell a Couselor, Teacher, Principal or Parent...just tell someone about your concerns or it could quickly, become your problem, one you may not wish to deal with yourself, one that may not be able to be reversed, like the horrible tragedy in Ohio this morning.

Again, My heart and Prayers reach out to these victims and their families. This should NEVER have happened.


Be Your Best!
Bart D. Ebinger



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