Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yet, Another Phase In My Life's Journey!

As, I enter, yet, another phase in my journey through life --
I find myself more fascinated with GOD and all His might! Obviously,
everyone has experienced, moments of weakness and failed miserably,
trying to achieve some overwhelming task. Even, with our self-righteous
faith in ourselves, at times, we still aren't able to resolve, certain

Unfortunately, since, we have more faith in ourselves than we do, GOD
Almighty, Himself; we trudge throughout life, insisting, we resolve an
issue without any outside assistance, whatsoever! Fortunately, for the
majority, our independent decisions are generally, minimal and don't
affect our lives in a devistating way

Yet, for some, there's an adverse affect. Consequently, they fall into a
negative frame of mind, repeating this behaviour to the point that there
is no longer a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak!

Some, even blame GOD for their upheavals repeatedly, over and over again
until it becomes engrained into their very soul, convincing themselves,
there is no possibility of a GOD! "Who would allow such a calamity!",
they exclaim! and "No Loving GOD would allow this!"...etc, etc, etc...

Forgetting all the while, we are human beings, who've been blessed by GOD
with 'free-will' to make choices, otherwise, we would merely, be puppets
on a string! I honestly, believe that deep down, all humans truly, believe
in Him. Unfortunately, some are more stubborn, than others and chooose to
shun accountability for their actions and look for a fall-guy!

We are ONLY human! We will ALWAYS try our BEST! Give yourself a break, step
back, relax and look at the 'Big Picture'. By that I mean:[GOD and Eternity]
Whether you believe in him or not; He will Always BELIEVE in you!

In my experience throughout life... I've noticed, mankind in general,
has little desire to give GOD the credit deserved for...well 'everything'
which, occurs in their lives! Yet, they will not hesitate to blame him
for all the bad things that happen to them! What's up with that!?! ~:-/

Granted, we have been blessed with...a GOD-given 'free-will' to choose,
but, at times, we have a tendency to make these decisions, with ONLY our
own interests in mind and do not see the whole picture. Hypathetically,
speaking a decision, we make selfishly, could invariably, have an adverse
affect on someone else or possibly, even the rest of the world!

That may seem like a stretch, but consider a few of Humanity's dasterdly,
villains and I believe, you'll agree that, just one person, can literally,
screw up everything for everybody!

O.K. Bart so, what's your point? Right?

Well, I guess what I am trying to say is: I have always had a deep desire
to help people, although, I am not an expert in any professional field of
study. I merely, wish to be a BLESSING to Someone!

So, If, you are struggling with issues in your life and the burden of not
being able to overcome this crisis, is adding fuel to the fire... then it's
my hope, this article can be the 'Fireman' whom, extinguishes that tormenting
fire that lives within you.


Which, reminds me of a quote I heard not long ago...(Paraphrased)

"Instead of:
 Asking for BLESSINGS...
 Only then...
 Will you be BLESSED!" :-)


Try not to get caught up in the fact, that you screwed up or should have done
something better or whatever the case may be... concentrate on what you did
wrong, come to terms with that reality, learn from that mistake and become a
better person, because of that situation.

Adopt this frame of mind and you will find yourself more relaxed and
enjoying life much better than the day before!

Believe it or not! you did exactly, what any human being would do!
You made the BEST decesion, possible, at that time! A scenario that will
occur throughout life on a daily basis.

This reminds me of  another quote I read, which really hit home with
me. Hopefully, it will make as much sense to you and will become words
which, guard your every decision.


"No Man will die for something,
he beieves to be Wrong
But, a Man Will Die for something,
he beieves to be Right...
Even if, it turns out to be Wrong!"

~Unknown Author~


So, as I was saying earlier, I am entering another phase of my life,
as I quickly, approach 51 years of age after the New Year. I'm going
to call this phase..."The Thinking Phase" for lack of a better term!
Some call it a "Mid-Life Crisis" but, I'm trying to be nice to myself,
and others. ;)

Anyway, in my life, when I have a tendency to 'do things on my own'-
I get lost and am unable to accomplish the goals, I set for myself.
Maybe, it's just me!

Yet, the more I remain closer to the core of the universe,
['GOD'in my opinion]'s easier to accomplish my goals and I feel
more content with my inner being. Humble is Good!

Did that make any sense to anyone? Or is it just me? ~:-/

GOD has given all of us a guide to follow, which I like to
refer to as, our 'Subconcious Mind' or our 'Instictive Mind'...

Yet, If, we never listen to our instincts, we are likely, to head into a
land of uncertainty.

I'm not sure about you, but I'm trying to eliminate as many problems in
my life, as possible! So, therefore...I am going to listen to my instincts
more often! It's an amazing tool GOD gave us, don't let it get rusty!

It's very similar to Parenting. Advice given to your child, is meant
with good intentions, because of your love for them.

All we can do, as a parent is: Give the BEST advice, we know possible,
Hope they heed to your words,(IF NOT) say them again, and maybe again! ;-)


And once again...I'm reminded of a quote:

"Failure Is...
 The Opportunity To,
 Begin Again,
 More Intelligently!"

 ~ Henry Ford ~


I Hope This Post Has Been Helpful!

If, you are currently, experiencing a very SERIOUS dilemna in your life
and have nobody to rely upon:

The following is a (Toll-Free) phone number,
you can call: 24/7/365 with confidence, they will LISTEN!

NAMI Helpline: 1-800-950-NAMI

Be A Blessing!

Bart Ebinger

P.S. Alternately, If, you do not feel comfortable talking to strangers about personal
problems, you can visit the following site to learn more about mental illnesses.


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